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Judge Borello says enough with the games LARA

Judge Borello says enough with the games LARA

Honeychiles Kitchen and the Tumbler Traphouse are wide open and ready for your service today.

10/31/18 Yesterday was a terrible day and we along with many other medical marijuana business owners in Michigan spent all day calling judges and members of Lara trying to get licensing completed before the shutdown date of October 31st.

Well today is November 1st and it’s a bright sunny day because we are wide open and thanks to judge borello we don’t have to worry about the police or any of those goons kicking in our door anytime soon.

watch this video and find out all the good news because HoneyChile’s Kitchen is open for business

Today We Ask For YOUR Support With An Order – Lets Push The Green Economic  Movement With Green Orders.  Each Order made 11/1/18 will receive a discount coupon good on a future order. so Help Kick Off our Grand Opening with Your Order Today

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Honeychiles Kitchen is Reopening for Fall 2018 and Hopefully Forever

Honeychiles Kitchen is Reopening for Fall 2018 and Hopefully Forever !

Every fall we reopen for our babies, but this year things are different.  Mama has bought a new location and the bakery is in full operation year-round.

This means you will be able to order our delicious and healthy treats anytime you’d like

Our Tumblr Babies told us that they missed the delicious sales and specialty items, when we closed in January. So with that news, we went house shopping. Thats rightttt We Bought A Location so we can be open Year-Round without closing for seasonal changes.

Being located in the greenery of s.e. Michigan means we have fresh herbs, spices and Kosher food products to work with all year round.  More products development is on the agenda, as we build our new shop from the inside out.

Its going to be a busy fall for us, as we build the catalog here for you. please feel free to leave us comments and suggestions about products you’d love to see us carry. Be sure you sign up for our email list so you receive the first coupons and sales notices.

Thanks for supporting us, from our humble beginnings on Tumblr to our permanent shop HERE

Okay, Lets Get Shoppin !!!!

Thank You Babies,