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Its Time for a Fresh New Outlook on Medical Marijuana

Its Time for a Fresh New Outlook on Medical Marijuana

This spring we are watching Michigan’s Medical Marijuana marketplace bloom. The new democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer has decided to allow the green economy to openly expand.  This means loads of new products from Michigan Medical Marijuana companies; and new jobs in the production end.

Recently we were interviewed about the expansion in Michigan, and this is a bit of our take on the new Michigan Green Economy


  1. Small Business is Working – so many small producers were under the table it was hard to tell who was making what in the Michigan Medical Marijuana marketplace. mostly because the costs to become licensed producers were over the moon.  The new rules allow small producers to license with testing and become entrepreneurs in the CBD Marketplace on the internet immediately.
  2. Provisioning Centers / Dispensaries are required to carry State of Michigan tested Cannabis and Cannabis Products. No More NEW Untested products.  This is a problem for the marketplace because it means each product has to go through the state testing procedure, then the state licensing procedure and receive state approval before hitting the marketplace – that means no new product drops by season.  This Sucks For YOU and US

We think the State of Michigan Licensing And Regulatory Authority has long overstepped its bounds, and this is proof.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Board was dismissed by Governor Whitmer because of their total lack of concern with patients needs.  Since their dismissal there has been no new body put into place to handle the business of the patients needs. This gap leaves Michigan patients with archaic rules left from the 8 years of GOP ruled state sessions.

Clearly none of the licensing procedures work, because you can’t get a seasonal product to market if you have to spend $1000 to test and get approval before you can market it. Thus the small business has been left out of the Green economy purposely. Gov. Whitmer will need to look at the everyday patients’ needs, to fulfill the true intent of this law.

Until Then, We’re putting our product into testing and marketing our CBD and Full Spectrum Products on the Internet – because Michigans’ Medical Marijuana Marketplace is seriously impacting small businesses such as HoneychilesKitchen.

We hope that you will continue to help us GROW and EXPAND Our Product Line this spring. We are adding a full range of CBD Rich Creamy Pain Relief Products. Look for our New Products to bloom on April 20th, 2019.

Its Spring in Michigan and Honeychiles Kitchen is Greening Up For You. Be Sure to Visit Our Kitchen Soon,  to see all the new goodies for Spring

Thanks For Your Support


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80-year-old medical marijuana patient with expired card jailed for less than an eighth of cannabis

80-year-old medical marijuana patient with expired card jailed for less than an eighth of cannabis

CLARE COUNTY, Mich. — An 80-year-old grandmother in Clare County was jailed for the first time in her life, because she had a small amount of cannabis at home but her Michigan medical marijuana card expired.

Delores Saltzman and her son Mark tell FOX 17 cannabis saved her life: it worked up her appetite when she was sick; helped her heal after surgeries; and eases her pain from ongoing health conditions. They are disturbed a deputy jailed her overnight for using her medicine.

“After I smoke I go down to a one, pain-wise,” said Delores Saltzman, 80. “Before I smoke, I would say I’m an 8 right now.”

This November, Saltzman turns 81. She lives with arthritis, diverticulitis, muscle and bone aches, but she says cannabis keeps her moving and making art.

“This is the little paper I work with,” she said showing the camera, “it’s called quilling.”

“[Cannabis] saved my life because I had a bad bleed about four years ago, and Mark took care of me,” adding when doctors prescribed her opioids, it caused stomach pains and vomiting.

June 13 around 9 p.m., Clare County Sheriff’s Deputy Ashley Gruno knocked on Delores’ door. According to court records, Gruno was trying to locate Saltzman’s great granddaughter, and return her lost phone and ID. That’s when the deputy smelled marijuana from Saltzman’s porch.

“[The deputy] asked whose it was, correct?” Mark Saltzman asked his mother.

“Right, and I told her it was mine,” Saltzman said, explaining she was honest with the deputy.

“[The deputy] came in and kind of frustrated you; remember how you were telling me that your anxiety went up off the roof?” Mark asked his mother, to which she said, “Way up.”

Court records show the deputy seized: several pipes, four joints and one purple jar with an undisclosed amount of cannabis. When FOX 17 asked Saltzman how much marijuana she had, she explained it was less than an eighth of an ounce. 

Saltzman also says the deputy searched her bedroom, took pictures, even helped her clean up her kitchen.

“I got everything done but the one pan, and I says, ‘Are you ready hon?’ because she’s just standing there leaning after she put the bread and ketchup away, just leaning there, ” said Saltzman. “I said, ‘Are you ready hon? Let’s go.'”

Then, court records show Saltzman was handcuffed in the patrol car. She says the deputy did not read her rights to her, and she was escorted to jail for the night.

“That’s ridiculous what they do to people, they don’t need to make you that cold,” said Saltzman. “Old Arthur was screaming at me!”

“She won’t know who Arthur is,” Mark said to his mother.

“Arthritis,” she clarified.

Saltzman hopes sharing her story will help others.

“That’s what I want people to do: don’t be ashamed of something that’s going to help you feel better,” she said.

Her son Mark says this deputy made a mistake.

“I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous to put her through this like that: they could have given her a ticket,” said Mark Saltzman.

“And just show us your card later. Reapply for your LARA card, show us this, and then drop the charges.”

FOX 17 reached out to the Clare County Prosecutor and Sheriff about how this case was handled.

Clare County Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis wrote FOX 17 this statement:

“Law enforcement went to Ms. Saltzman’s home looking for an individual who had been known to stay at that residence.  When the deputy arrived, she could smell the odor of marijuana.  When she interacted with Ms. Saltzman at the door, Ms. Saltzman admitted to have been smoking marijuana and possessing marijuana and that she had allowed her medical marijuana card to lapse.  At that time, Ms. Saltzman turned over to the deputy 7 marijuana pipes, 4 joints, a grinder, and a purple glass jar that also held a quantity of marijuana inside.  The deputy arrested Ms. Saltzman for the illegal possession of marijuana and lodged her in the Clare County Jail.  Based upon that arrest, a police report and request for charges was generated by the deputy and presented to our office.  My assistant prosecutor authorized a possession of marijuana charge based upon the admission by Ms. Saltzman that she wasn’t a medical marijuana card holder and the evidence that she did possess marijuana illegally.  However, our goal is to ensure that individuals who utilize medical marijuana are doing so legally.  As such, Ms. Saltzman was encouraged to obtain her medical marijuana card and if she did so, the case would be dismissed.  She did obtain her medical marijuana card and the case was dismissed.”

Then, court records show on August 2, a Clare County judge signed an order to dismiss Saltzman’s case without prejudice.

Then, Clare County Sheriff John Wilson wrote this statement to FOX 17, but did not comment on whether his deputy should have arrested Saltzman:

“What the person was doing was illegal, had she renewed her medical marijuana card she would have been fine.  I agree with the action the prosecutors office and allowing the subject to renew her card, thus dismissing the case. The person was illegally in possession of marijuana.”

Saltzman’s renewed Michigan medical marijuana card is on its way to her, but she urges voters to legalize marijuana in November and end the stigma.

“I’m hoping that we all learn a lesson from this and that we make amends, and people will get out and vote for it,” said Saltzman. “We’re the ones that have to stand up we are the people, and we just got to fight for our rights.”

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Judge Borello says enough with the games LARA

Judge Borello says enough with the games LARA

Honeychiles Kitchen and the Tumbler Traphouse are wide open and ready for your service today.

10/31/18 Yesterday was a terrible day and we along with many other medical marijuana business owners in Michigan spent all day calling judges and members of Lara trying to get licensing completed before the shutdown date of October 31st.

Well today is November 1st and it’s a bright sunny day because we are wide open and thanks to judge borello we don’t have to worry about the police or any of those goons kicking in our door anytime soon.

watch this video and find out all the good news because HoneyChile’s Kitchen is open for business

Today We Ask For YOUR Support With An Order – Lets Push The Green Economic  Movement With Green Orders.  Each Order made 11/1/18 will receive a discount coupon good on a future order. so Help Kick Off our Grand Opening with Your Order Today