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HEYYYY it’s January so let’s have the Stoners Snack Box Sale 1/5/2018 – 1/12/2018

We love a great sale and we know you do too!

Yessss,, it’s time for one of our favorite sales, because everyone keeps asking “when are you going to have another Stoners Snack Box sale???

well kids you win because 2019’s first Stoners Snack Box sale starts Saturday January 5th 2019 and ends on Saturday January 12th 2019. That’s right a full seven days to order

this snack box will focus on our brand new Cracked and Jacked line of snacks.

it will include a taste of our popular cannabutter caramel corn

as well as our extra popular Decadent Chocolate Caramel Corn. as well you get a taste of our sophisticated new entry, The Gambino mix, a fresh italian herb seasoned cannabutter drenched crunchfest; along side the brand new Dank and Cheesy mix which issure to make your hands and mouth cheesy orange and buttery.

Everyone has a different snack need.

  • Some people love it spicy.
  • Some people love it sweet.
  • Some people love it with nuts.
  • some people like it crunchy.
  • some people have to have gluten free.
  • but mostly we know everyone loves a great snack with cannabis butter and cannabis sugar LOL that’s right cracked and jacked that’s what you’ll feel like once you enjoy our delicious Stoner snacks.

feel free to order now $35. Includes Priority USPS shipping with Tracking on your PayPal Payment Page

Please be sure you include all your shipping information correctly, because the USPS will toss your package around if they can’t deliver it. always include any apartment or unit number and if it is a postbox be sure you put that box number in the shipping information line.

when we set the price for this box $35. we knew everybody wanted to pay the least amount possible so we decided we would give you sample sizes to keep the price down. This allows you to enjoy sample sizes of our four gourmet edible products that are included in this month’s Stoner Snack Box including shipping.

after you’ve decided which are your favorites, you can then return and order the regular sizes, anytime you like.

we suggest you order quickly as – we are only shipping 25 Stoner Snack Boxes in total this month.

As always we thank you for your support, and hope that you will continue to help us expand our product line with your suggestions.

Remember we are a 100% minority and women-owned company. Everything that we use medically is purchased in a licensed Michigan dispensary for your safety and protection.

Our quality checks include laboratory analysis as well as a test sample bank before we include any products for sale in our store.

Thanks again,


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it’s Black Friday and we’ve got specials listed on our homepage


it’s Black Friday and we’ve got specials listed on our homepage. Some of our most favorite products have been reduced in price so that you can try them now.

our Black Friday sale ends on Sunday @midnight so shop quick because Supply is limited

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When’s the last time you had a really delicious brownie?

At Honeychiles Kitchen, we know that everyone has their favorite type of brownie

some of you like a fudgy brownie and some of you like a cake like brownie.

we offer so many varieties, that you’re surely going to find one to meet your sweet tooths special demands.

we are offering a special this week on brownies. you can order 8 brownies or 4 brownies.

you can have brownies with nuts or without nuts LOL

we offer brownies with orange rind dried cherries even crushed strawberries.

We think that you should get a choice in what you like and the only way you can have a choice is if you actually know what’s out there that might taste good.


Sounds crazy right? Well that’s how it is around here we think people should have choices because you don’t always want just a chocolate Walnut brownie.

in fact sometimes, you might even want a chocolate pecan coconut brownie uuuummgood..

if you are a blondie lover we’ve got fresh almond butter as well as fresh peanut butter tell us what rocks your boat and we’ll put it in a pan and bake it for you.

that’s right Honeychiles Kitchen wants to be your dessert First Choice this week.

our brownie special is good starting on Sunday November 25th through Thursday November 29th.

thank you for supporting small-business and helping us keep the heat on this winter.