Its Our End of January Sale

How About a SALE !!!!!!

Snacks are the top line defense, as we are indoors snacking and relaxing. so why not eat your meds ?

We want you to try out our Fabulous Snack Spreads and Mixes at an end of the month Sale Price. some of these items are up to 50% off – because you deserve a great price on the best edibles on the internet.

Here’s out list of End of January Sale goodies

Meet the Michelle Obama Bar its Our Richest Most Decadent Item ever made

Rich Chocolaty, Crunchy, Gluten Free, Dusted with Fresh Toasted Georgia Pecans, and enrobed in three kinds of Medicated Chocolate… ohhh yesss and its 100% gluten free,,

This weekend its on sale for $20. for a 1lb pan of Four Gigantic Bars

if you’ve never tried this bar – let us suggest that you do this weekend so you can have the pleasure of eating something so rich, you can’t decide if its Candy or a Bar Cookie. Yes that is quite a dilemma isn’t it lol

but of course we couldn’t have a sale with only one treat, that just wouldn’t be right..

Mama’s Medicated Strawberry Jam Syrup

fresh as the day we pick them yes,,

this strawberry jam / syrup is made from fresh strawberries that’s right we make it from scratch using our Green Dragon cannabis sugar because we want you to enjoy your medication. people have asked us if we have an alternative to our Green Dragon sugar and this is it with flavor.

we pour this by the teaspoon into our tea as well as over ice cream and sometimes we just take a little bit and put it on a piece of toast. boy oh boy is this delicious. you can use this on a sandwich with our delicious nugtella and find your personal Nirvana at lunch, while your friends enjoy McDonald’s.

Look at all those beautiful Red Berry seeds right there to help your heart. remember this is gluten free – made with our Green Dragon cannabis sugar, so you can enjoy it anytime in moderation.

Nugtella Deliciousness to Get Your Taste Buds Krunk

if you wake and bake this is what you want and we make it fresh when you order it,,

our fresh delicious hazelnut / peanut medicated spread is deliciousness in a jar. This medicated chocolate hazelnut peanut spread glides silkiness onto your toast points. This is the gourmet way to medicate.

this spread contains both Our Coconut cannabutter and our famous Green Dragon cannasugar. double medicated for delicious smooth effect. This is a hybrid product so you can enjoy it any time of day or evening.

this product is in Limited Supply

Its packed by hand when you order, in our 4 oz glass jar

Ye Olde Indica Peanut Butter * is made for snacking and chilling

Our Fresh Delicious Ye Olde Indica Peanut Butter is made for snacking and chilling

When you eat this peanut butter you’re getting a full serving of THC and CBD. This was created for those who need to chill in an environment that is not conducive to smoking. Get yourself some crackers or a slice of bread and slather on our ultra delicious peanut butter and in no time you’ll be chilled to the max.

A Lil Sugar and Tea to Wake and Bake

We came up with this Wake and Bake special for the cubical set

Yes we have folks who breakfast at their desk and wanted a discreet treat to allow them to get their medication in. Yes we have a variety of tea bags all mixed with clipped leaf, and of course we pair it with our Green Dragon Sugar.

your wake and bake special contains 4 medicated tea bags plus 4 premium non caffeinated tea bags and 3 ozs of medicated green dragon sugar. if you worry about caffeine – no worries because all of our hand crafted tea is non caffeine varieties. this weekend we include 3oz of Medicated Green Dragon Creamer to put you in

we suggest you mix the Green Dragon Sugar with your regular sweetener to prevent over medication

as a special bonus we’ve decided to include a delicious medicated spoon in every order.. it’s our way of saying thank you for supporting